Not A Nice Guy


Venue: Theatre Of Marcellus At Emperors Palace
Date: Saturday, 30 November 2019
Time: 08:00pm


Venue:Gandhi Hall, Lenasia
Date: Saturday, 07 December 2019
Time: 08:30pm


Venue: Hemingways, East London
Date: Saturday, 14 December 2019
Time: 08:30pm

Getting older can be confusing and what seemed to be tolerable before doesn’t seem to be anymore….

Riaad Moosa has always been the ‘nice guy’ but these days, he finds himself feeling rather irritated and moody with some of the ‘little’ things in life – like his kids using his thumbprint while he is sleeping to unlock his phone to play Pokémon. The idea of being a nice guy seems to be appealing, however, this philosophy doesn’t seem to be genuine anymore. Caught in this middle-aged delirium, Riaad Moosa unfolds his tales of getting older, what makes up a nice guy and what his solution to dealing with age in his hilarious brand-new one-man show, ‘Not A Nice Guy’.
Off a sold-out run in Cape Town, Riaad has added Johannesburg and East London dates to his tour with shows confirmed for Emperors Palace on 30 November; Ghandi Hall in Lenasia on 7 December and Hemingways Casino in East London on 14 December.

“The human condition is very confusing. I talk about how hard it is to know what the correct choices are in life; it’s a show that people will relate to on different levels,” comments Riaad. When asked about whether he has experienced any tell-tale signs of a midlife crisis, Riaad adds: “I’m confused a lot. Also, I’ve developed grey hair where there should not be grey hair. But on a positive note, I haven’t tried to buy a Harley Davidson, get a new young girlfriend or grow a ponytail!”
Which side will win in the battlefield of good versus bad? Tickets are now available from R200 on Computicket. Shows start at 20h00 and carry a PG-13 age restriction.
30 November @ Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace
7 December @ Ghandi Hall, Lenasia
14 December @ Hemingways Casino, East London


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