Bespoke Concierge Services

BB Private Aircrafts & Charter

– Offering you a private flying in our wide selection of our uniquely designed business jets to your business destination.
– Special guests aboard our flights will enjoy the luxury of business or leisure travel with ease and comfort to every destination globally.

BB In-flight Experience

Effortless, simplicity, class and style. When traveling aboard the Blu Blood chartered experiences you will be served by professionals with executive concierge experience.
Dine on the finest food and drink, tailored to meet your personal wishes.

Close Protection Services

Moya Security has developed a safety and security risk management advisory service for International companies during the build up to 2010. Moya Security will act on behalf of Blu Blood and in effect be the outsourced extension of said entity in the safety and security function for their delegates.
Moya’s general responsibility will include:
Planning of an integrated safety framework and interaction with relevant safety and security stakeholders. Developing an integrated safety and security framework across all cities in conjunction with the respective venues’ service providers, international, local and national authorities, police and safety officials.

Chauffeur Services

Blu Blood Chauffer services combined highly skilled professional drivers, with cars tailored to your individualistic ideal.
Our fleet of top of the range executive vehicles at your disposal.
Vehicle make, model and colour will always be taken into consideration to ensure your comfort.

We ensure you will reach your destination safely and in the lap of luxury.

Sailing the Fiji Islands

Set sail for the Yasawa Islands by tall ship and experience a unique Fiji Islands sailing adventure. Voyage to untouched islands for one day or many and snorkel with turtles and manta rays.  A truly unique Fijian holiday experience.

Experience a new adventure every day – swim with manta rays, snorkel, trek overland, visit islands and traditional villages, go fishing, laze on deck or gain a few tips on tall ship sailing. Each evening return to the yacht, where sunset swims, volleyball, night fishing tours, star gazing, Fijian ‘lovo’ feasts and nightly entertainment are all part of the fun.

Ice Hotel

At ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi you can choose between several different types of accommodation. The ideal is to combine one cold night in ICEHOTEL with several warm nights in our hotel rooms or hotel chalets.

Inside ICEHOTEL, the temperature is never colder than -5 °C to -8 °C, regardless of how cold it may be outside.

Each week, until the end of the year when it is completed, a new part of ICEHOTEL will open up to guests and visitors. It is the darkest time of the year, the sun never reaches above the horizon. But the snow glistens and crunches under your shoes and the chances of seeing the Northern Lights dance across the sky, are very favorable.

Gorillas, Safari and Beach Getaway

This timeless, romantic escape takes you to another world away, Kenya.

It offers exclusive access to the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda – specially accessed quickly by helicopter; an opportunity to see Africa’s Big-5 game (Wildebeest migration – May/ June) accompanied by a celebrated guide; an authentic encounter with Maasai nomadic tribes; and then, sublime relaxation – a romantic escape to a private beach residence on the Indian Ocean – all possible in a long weekend! With exclusive accommodation in a classic mountain lodge, a night under the stars in a Hemingway-styled luxurious camp and a night in a glamorous beachside residence complete with spa facilities – utilizing only privately chartered logistics, this very private escape offers a remarkably concentrated series of world-class experiences in a world far removed from the everyday.

Mt Everest Base Camp

This trek is designed to fulfill the dream of many people of experiencing the historic route to the base of the world’s highest mountain.

Our carefully devised itinerary provides a fine opportunity to visit both Base Camp and the nearby peak of Kala Pattar (5545m) for uninterrupted views of Mt Everest.

We trek the more remote trails along the far side of the Khumbu valley, savouring the high mountain views from our selected campsites in the company of our Sherpa guides, whose knowledge and passion for trekking in the Khumbu add a further dimension to this memorable trek.

Green Hunting

Catch a rhino, dart an elephant, tag a shark… all in the name of conservation and wildlife preservation. Linked in with some of the finest vets in Southern Africa, you can join one of these incredible projects in some of the wildest locations around. Get your hands dirty as you become part of the team.

Harley on Safari

Embark on the safari of a lifetime. For the “Adrenalin Junkie” who prefers to travel on the back of the world’s most sought-after bike, wind whipping through the hair – this is the perfect journey.

Combining a collection of South Africa’s finest properties, this tour is for the client who seeks the very best of the best.