Riaad Moosa, a silver medallion graduate of the College of Magic in Cape Town, started his comedy career as a comedy magician. Regularly enchanting people with his special blend of magic and comedy, he was presented with the Comedy Magic Award at the Centre for the Magical Arts in Cape Town.


With a career spanning over 10 years and with numerous nominations and awards under her belt, Tumi Morake continues to be a formidable force in the (somewhat male saturated) comedy industry – a fact proven by her most recent wins of Comic of the Year and Favourite Comedian at the 2016 Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards and YOU Spectacular Awards respectively.

Ndumiso Lindi

Ndumiso Lindi – or ‘Roosta’ to his friends – has become known as the gentleman of the South African comedy circuit.  He is a brilliant comedian whose accessible and well-constructed narrative has endeared him to audiences of all races across the country.